Why Select Specific Colors of Medical Scrubs from a Medical Uniform Store?

The primary reason hospitals, healthcare clinics, doctors’ offices, dental offices, and other healthcare facilities choose specific colors of scrubs from a medical uniform store is to implement a dress code. Uniform dress codes eliminate the need for employees to figure out what is and is not appropriate work attire.

In addition, from a patient perspective, it is easier for a patient to tell the difference between doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and administrative staff when they are color-coded to specific scrub colors. For instance, in multi-physician practices where there are several healthcare professionals all sharing the same examination rooms, reception area, and so on, patients may have a difficult time knowing the difference between staff members when they are allowed to wear any color of scrub.

hospitals use color coded scrubs

In smaller practices, this is not as much an issue, as patients have a single primary care doctor and one nurse or medical assistant they normally see. Yet, color-coded scrubs are still beneficial since they help set a dress code standard that is easier for employees to adhere to and follow.

Another benefit of using specific colors of scrubs uniforms for medical staff is matching the colors of the scrubs to the work they most often do. Surgeons and medical staff who are worried about stains will prefer darker scrubs colors that hide these issues, while pediatric or maternity medical personnel may find lighter colors like pink and yellow to come across more positive and uplifting.

Not to mention, you can help save your employees money on clothing. They will not have to worry about ruining their clothes if fluids or blood get on the scrubs. Instead, they can change into clean scrubs before seeing the next patient.

What Colors of Medical Scrubs Should You Choose for Your Business?

There is no set specific criteria for choosing what colors of scrubs you choose for your medical practice. It really comes down to your own personal preferences, although there are some factors that may influence your choice, like the subconscious effect colors have on our brain, and how easy it will be for staff and personnel to maintain their scrubs in the color you have chosen. You can choose any colors as part of your dress code, such as:

  • Light blue or light green scrubs for doctors.
  • Burgundy scrubs for nurses.
  • Dark blue scrubs for medical assistants.
  • Patterned scrubs for administrative staff.
Medical Scrubs with different color

When selecting the colors of scrubs for your practice, remember your choice of attire does matter. You might be surprised to learn that patients place a high value on how healthcare professionals are dressed. They expect doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and administrative staff members to have a consistent, clean, and professional-looking appearance.

If you think about it, your choice of dress attire can give the impression about whether you choose to dress how you want or in a manner that reflects what your patients prefer. For example, if you show up in golf attire, even though it is a business professional look, your patients might infer you are more interested in going golfing than taking care of their needs.

How to Select the Colors of Medical Apparel for Your Healthcare Practice

While you could decide what colors of scrubs and apparel everyone will wear, this is not always the right approach in smaller practices. Instead, it can be beneficial to get input from your employees to find out what colors they like. You might even want to do a survey of your patients to find out if they have preferences too.

Getting input from your staff and patients makes it easier to select scrubs in colors everyone will like and enjoy wearing.


What Color Scrubs Do Medical Assistants Wear?

There are no particular color scrubs for medical assistants to wear. It is entirely up to personal preference and your hospital’s established dress code. Some colors that are common among medical assistants include light blue, dark blue, or gray.

What Color Are Women’s Medical Scrubs?

Like medical assistants, there is no specific color of scrubs for women. Instead, scrub colors are better used to identify medical personnel by their position, and not their gender.

For additional information or assistance in renting, leasing, or purchasing scrubs and apparel for your practice in different colors, please feel free to browse our medical uniform store or contact Prudential Overall Supply at 800-767-5536 today!