Work uniforms have improved in many ways. Employees’ concerns over comfort, appearance, and protection against hazardous conditions have been addressed. Modern uniforms are easier to clean and less constricting. One benefit of the newest uniforms is wrinkle-free fabric. As a leading uniform service company, Prudential Overall Supply is committed to ensuring the uniform fabric chosen meets your objectives and suits all your workers’ needs.

What Does Wrinkle-Resistant Mean?

Many work uniform shirts and other apparel are labeled as “wrinkle-resistant” or “wrinkle-free,” but what is wrinkle-resistant exactly? It means the fabric has been treated with a chemical resin, which may be applied directly to the surface of the fabric or crosslinked with it at the molecular level. This improves crease recovery and the garment is less prone to wrinkling. It also has more stability during washing, drying, and wearing.

Wrinkle-resistant fabrics have been around since the 1940s. The concept was known as “permanent press.” It really wasn’t improved upon until the 1990s when clothing manufacturers achieved significant advancements in the technology.

Wrinkle-resistant fabric no longer requires ironing after each wash; instead, it can be worn as soon as it’s dry. The fabric can be woven into shirts made of cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends.

Benefits of Crease-Resistant Fabric

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Wrinkle-resistant work uniforms have a number of unique advantages, including:

  • Color Retention: Darker colors are especially resistant to fading and running. Polyester blends can tolerate higher-temperature laundering, while flame-resistant finishes increase the color retention properties of fabric.
  • Keeps Garments Clean: Hydrophilic fabrics have excellent soil release properties, making them easier to clean. Even the most difficult stains are easier to remove compared to garments made of 100% cotton.
  • Aesthetic Benefits: Wrinkle-resistant fabric delivers a clean, crisp look while retaining dimensional stability, without ironing.
  • Keeps You Dry And Cool: Hydrophilic fabrics in their latest form are made with spun yarn. This gives them a cotton-like feel. In addition, the fabric is effective at managing moisture, so sweat is moved away from the skin and evaporates; this reduces odor-causing bacteria and improves safety for workers in hot environments or who work outside in the cold.
  • Resistance to Degradation: Aside from being colorfast, wrinkle-free fabric is resistant to shrinking. Laundering and exposure to light won’t diminish its quality. The fibers are supported at the molecular level, making each uniform more durable in just about any environment.
  • Maintain Shape Better: These newest fabrics must be ironed once in a while, but not after every wash. In traditional fabrics, creases form due to bending as parts of the material get extended and compressed. That’s why cotton is so prone to creasing. Wrinkle recovery is essentially a type of resiliency that allows resistance to and recovery from deformation, enabling the fabric to return to its original state.
  • Great for Uniforms: The inherent properties of wrinkle-free uniforms keep workers comfortable and protected against moisture, bacteria, and flames. They are therefore suited for use in healthcare and food service environments. If the fabric is less prone to wrinkling, employees look better and more presentable.
  • Low Maintenance: There’s no need to iron button-down shirts and other garments on a regular basis. Many wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant shirts are labeled “easy-care.” One does not have to deal with creasing after a garment is washed, and it will retain its shape throughout the day. It is also somewhat waterproof and rot-proof, so little care is required.

Prudential Uniforms TouchTex™Technology

Men's Industrial Work Shirts

We offer TouchTex™ shirts in crease-resistant polyester/cotton blends and wrinkle-resistant cotton or polyester/cotton work pants. These products offer the comfort needed on the job with features such as cornerless pockets, pencil stalls, banded collars, and convertible collars, depending on the product. Each has the durability of treated fabric and is both lightweight and breathable.

Innovative materials also make fabric stretchable while able to return to its original form. Workers can therefore perform their duties with less restriction. Resistance to deformation means there won’t be an impact on appearance as workers perform demanding tasks. Our garments include those with 65/35 blends and even silver fibers that are naturally resistant to bacteria and odors.

Our TouchTex™ line includes industrial work shirts, auto technician work shirts, micro-check work shirts, mini-plaid work shirts, and industrial stripe work shirts.

Why Prudential Overall Supply

There are many reasons to choose us for your uniform needs. We are the preferred supplier because of:

  • Proof of Design Excellence: Each shirt is finished by being individually form pressed. We also represent leading manufacturers to offer the best solutions and a wide range of options. Custom logos are available, and we only use clean green reusable textiles, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Expertise in Many Industries: We are familiar with the needs of many different industries, including automotive businesses like mechanic shops and car dealership service centers. Our company serves the restaurant and food service industry as well, with everything from chef coats to linen napkins. We supply uniforms for hospitals and medical facilities, including medical scrubs and Personal Protective Equipment. Items for HACCP/food processing facilities and cleanroom environments are also available.
  • High Quality: Our quality is second to none, from the leading-brand uniforms we offer to the direct service that we provide. Our Customer Sales Representatives are experienced professionals who are trained and certified. When we deliver or process garments, each is examined by our Quality Assurance Inspector. Our commitment to quality is seen in the materials we use, our workmanship, and our reliability.

Order Wrinkle-Free Uniforms Today

Browse our inventory online to see the latest wrinkle-resistant industrial work shirts we offer. Each is designed with state-of-the-art wrinkle-free fabric for a wide range of work environments. We are focused on quality and variety. Our team is also devoted to helping your business determine exactly what it requires. For assistance, fill out our apparel needs assessment, contact us on the web, or call 800-767-5536 and speak with a representative.