Trusted by Leaders

Trusted By Leaders as Their First Choice

Since 1960 Prudential Cleanroom Services has remained First in Cleanroom Laundry Processing Services for critically controlled environments.

Building Relationships

Prudential people work with your teams to develop and modify your unique requirements throughout your business process cycles. Many Prudential customer relationships span decades.


Exclusive Validated Garment Tracking System (GTS) Bar-Code Technology: Our Validated GTS Bar-Code Technology was developed in coordination with our customers.  Our ongoing evaluation of this system, and the consistent input from its users ensures the GTS Bar-Code Tracking System represents the latest technology.

GTS Bar-Code Tracking System provides our customers with a complete account history report for each garment from installation to any repairs. It also tracks usage analysis by bar-code unique tracking number, department and distribution point.

Commitment to the contamination control industry

Prudential Cleanroom Service is committed to IEST standards’ development and participation, cleanroom laundry processing technology advances and innovative service offerings. Prudential is also vested in the success of technology companies.  This is our business and not a small division like some other industry operators.


Prudential Cleanroom Services continues to pioneer standards for the cleanroom laundry industry.  Since the Apollo space program, Prudential has provided uninterrupted cleanroom laundry service to our customers.  Prudential customers have NEVER experienced a cleanroom plant production service failure.  Prudential’s service team is the most experienced in the industry with nearly 50 years of experience. We really are the pioneers of the cleanroom laundry industry.


Our IN-STOCK program provides a service that is unique to the industry.  IN-STOCK garments, comprised of industry recognized fabrics, allow for quick installation.  This eliminates the long lead times that are common from cleanroom garment manufacturers.  A wide variety of sizes and industry accepted styles will be IN-STOCK.

Prudential Cleanroom Services’ automatic ordering level quickens the fulfillment cycle, and ensures complete and timely deliveries.

Capacity & Capabilities

Prudential has an unmatched National network of direct service stand-alone cleanroom laundry service facilities.  This network represents the largest domestic throughput and capacity capabilities.

All five of Prudential’s domestic cleanroom laundry processing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified for its Quality Management System through TUV America. They continue to be newly constructed or completely upgraded to keep current standards in place.  They are strategically located to support each other in the occurrence of a catastrophic event.  PCS facilities are classified ISO Class 3 (FED STD for Class 1) for cleanliness.

Sterility Assurance

Prudential Cleanroom Services provides sterilized cleanroom garments to customers with aseptic environments. PCS ensures the sterility of its garments through strict compliance to cGMPs and through validation of the sterilization process in accordance with current ANSI/AAMI/ISO11137 guidelines to an SAL of 10-6. PCS uses qualified gamma irradiation method of sterilizing cleanroom garments and ancillary products.