Dan Clark Featured in Leisure & Hospitality International Magazine


Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in supplying image work apparel and related textiles, today announced that it was featured in Leisure & Hospitality International Magazine. The magazine produces articles that impact business leaders within the Leisure and Hospitality industries.

The winter 2015 edition of the magazine includes an interview with Prudential Overall Supply's CEO, Mr. Dan Clark. The article focuses on how Prudential Overall Supply has grown from a one man operation to a national supplier for uniform rental services.

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The article identifies key reasons for the company's steady climb. At the forefront is Mr. Clark's commitment to stay closely involved with all phases of the business. In fact, he spends only 50 percent of his time in his office, preferring to tour the company's [laundry processing] plants and service centers. Mr. Clark participates in 25 delivery routes a year as well as 100 customer visitations. Mr. Clark explains, "It keeps me in constant contact with our business. I enjoy it."

Mr. Clark says that he enjoys the business primarily because of the regular interaction with clients. "We have a weekly connection with our customers," he says. The regular connection gives [our] customer sales representatives a routine opportunity to find out whether clients are satisfied or in need of other services. Thanks to such dedication to customer service, he says, "I think we’ve been a success."

About Prudential Overall Supply:

Family owned and operated since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply is dedicated to enhancing our customers’ image at the best dollar value. By providing premium quality work wear uniforms, career apparel and casual wear, Prudential is able to outfit your entire organization. This on-time weekly service also addresses your facility’s image and safety requirements by offering logo floor mats, wiping towels and paper products.

Release date: 01/07/2016

Contact: Jerry Martin, V.P. of Sales & Marketing (949) 250-4850 ext 275

By: Jerry Martin, VP of Sales & Marketing

About the author

Jerry Martin is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, a leading provider of workplace uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) to a wide range of industries and organizations. Currently President of the Board of Directors for the American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA) where he works on projects to further the benefits of reusable textiles versus disposable alternatives. Martin also contributes to the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) where he is a former chairman of the association's Marketing & PR committee and helped establish TRSA’s international standard for its Clean Green certification program.