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Dan Clarks 50th Anniversary

IRVINE, CA – September 23, 2018,Prudential Overall Supply, a leading company in the uniform and facility services industry, announced that Dan Clark, the company’s CEO and Chairman of the Board celebrates his 50themployment anniversary today.

Dan has kept his focus on growing the many facets of the Company. Dan has spent his entire career with Prudential. He joined the firm during summer vacations in high school and college. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1968, he joined Prudential full-time and served as CSR (Customer Sales Representative), General Manager, Vice President, Executive Vice President of Operations, and President before becoming CEO and Chairman of the Board in 1989.

Through Dan’s leadership, the Company has grown in many ways. In 1989, Prudential successfully operated in two states, California and Arizona. Today, operations have expanded throughout the United States with 33 operating locations, a central distribution center in Cerritos, CA and a corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA.

The company’s cleanroom division, Prudential Cleanroom Services provides national service programs to customers requiring these specialized services. This is accomplished through a network of seven ISO Class 3 cleanroom processing facilities that are all ISO 9001:2015 certified, and a service center in Puerto Rico.

Through this expansion the Company has grown its revenues by nearly four times, and has gained operating efficiencies by controlling costs.

For Dan, growth has never been one dimensional. People development remains a cornerstone of Prudential’s continued success, and Dan remains a driving force behind the firm’s expansive training programs, and an advocate for internal promotions. Each year Dan prepares an article that appears in the Holiday issue of the Company’s publication, Off-The-Cuff. The common thread amongst these articles focuses on keeping the faith, staying true to core values, and sustaining goodwill toward all. With this hope and focus, it is Dan’s belief that Prudential will continue to set milestones and celebrate anniversaries.

About Prudential Overall Supply

Family owned and operated since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply is dedicated to enhancing our customers’ image at the best dollar value.  By providing premium quality work wear and safety uniforms, career apparel and casual wear, Prudential is able to outfit entire organizations. This certified Clean Green, on-time, weekly service also addresses facility image and safety requirements by offering floor mats, wiping towels and facility products throughout the United States.

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By: Jerry Martin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Prudential Overall Supply

About the author

Jerry Martin is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in reusable image work and related textiles. Martin is also a member of the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) and currently serves as past chairman of the association's Marketing & PR committee. Through his work at TRSA, Jerry helped establish TRSA’s international standard for the Clean Green certification program.