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Appearance Solid Color Mats

Product Details

Appearance Solid Color Mats

  • 903x 3′ x 4′
  • 904x 4′ x 6′
  • 907x 3′ x 10′

x = Color:

  • (3) Brown
  • (4) Black
  • (5) Frontier Grey
  • (6) Red
  • (8) Blue

Prudential’s appearance mats stop dirt at the door!


Want a mat that looks brand new each week? There’s only one choice on the market today – the Prudential Appearance mat- This solution-dyed mat is a best-seller!


The Forever Mat is made with a 100% nylon 6,6 fiber which is impervious to bleach damage, soiling, sunlight, and repeated washings.

This mat never fades and stays the same shade…Forever! A formula of solution-dyed yarn, superior rubber technology, and our patented anti-skid textured backing combine to produce the most durable mat in the industry.

Available in five stunning colors, which are designed to complement both traditional and modern color schemes. The Appearance Mat, it lasts like all products should!