Prudential has Always had Our Best Interest in Mind

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Prudential Overall Supply as your uniform company. We have been working with Prudential since 2012 and their service continues to exceed our expectations.

In some business relationships, you sacrifice service for cost, but that was not the case with Prudential. Not only did they quote significantly lower than their competitors, their service and customer support have been extremely accommodating.

Our usage of white bar towels has significantly increased over the past few months due to the new sanitation procedures we have implemented here at Wawona Packing. Prudential advised us to switch over to the turk towels, which are similar, but more cost effective, saving us hundreds of dollars a month. Our Customer Service Representative dropped off some samples and they worked just as well as the bar towels, so we made the switch. Many vendors would not have made that recommendation, since it would decrease their profits, but that’s what makes Prudential stand out from others. Once a week, we had a driver stopping at Prudential to pickup additional towels, but now, Prudential has accommodated us again, by doing a second day drop off.

Whether it was recommending alternative products to save us money or bringing in special products to meet our needs, Prudential has always had our best interest in mind. If you would like to discuss this further or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Janet Ramirez, Purchasing Manager, Wawona Packing Company, Cutler, CA