A Note To Our Prudential Team Amid Covid-19

A Note To Our Prudential Team,

Certainly crazy times that we are all experiencing in this COVID-19 environment. It’s impacted our families, communities and our company.

Prudential Overall Supply and Prudential Cleanroom Services and the industrial and cleanroom laundry industry is considered an Essential Business Service Provider. Our industry helps support businesses and government agencies that are helping to fight COVID-19 directly or indirectly.

We will be releasing a call group today in InforCRM (SLX) titled: Essential Services. This group identifies the industries and agencies that have been listed in health orders as Essential Services Providers.

We will also be releasing merge template letters for POS and PCS titled Essential Services Provider that will be loaded in InforCRM (SLX) that each of you can use in your email and call campaigns. Thanks to the P04 & P05 sales team for putting this letter together!

CoSRs have secured many new customers seeking solutions for hygiene products (cleaning towels, microfiber towels and mops, uniforms, hand soaps and sanitizers, wipes and related consumable supplies). Additionally, there are many opportunities that our cleanroom AEs are pursuing because of the disruption in the disposable garment supply chain. Companies are now are seeing the benefits of reusables versus disposables.

Most importantly, it’s critical to treat our new customers fairly and conduct all business relationships with integrity. Together, we will get through these challenging times if we take it one day at a time and keep focused on helping the Prudential family continue to support each of our individual families.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Thank you,

Jerry Martin, V.P. of Sales & Marketing

RELEASE DATE: 03/18/2020

CONTACT: Jerry Martin, V.P. of Sales & Marketing (949) 250-4850 ext 275