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Protective Shoes and Safe Footwear: What You Should Be Wearing at Your Job

"Every type of job, whether you are a corporate executive, retail sales associate, construction contractor, doctor, nurse, or food service worker, has its own types of required workwear and footwear...."

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How to Know When Reusable Textiles Should Be Replaced

"Our society as a whole is finally becoming more environmentally conscious. Individuals and businesses are looking for ways to implement ecologically sustainable practices. One such practice is reusing textiles. Reusing..."

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The Importance of Recycling for Businesses

"Now, more than ever, people are aware of the environmental health of the world, and the impact we as a society have on it. People are recycling more at home..."

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Designing a Brand Logo: What You Should Know

"A company logo might not seem so important at first, but a memorable logo can make a huge difference to your business. A logo serves as a visual identity for..."

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Best Practices for Responding to Bad Company Reviews from Customers

"Chances are, you consistently do everything in your power to give your company a professional image. Customers are your top priority, and you go above and beyond to make sure..."

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Brand Loyalty: The Importance of Customer Retention

"Developing a strong brand is essential to the success of any business. Almost anyone can get a customer to come through the door, make a purchase online, etc., but customer..."