Uniforms and Apparel


How Prudential Overall Supply Towel Service Works

"Using a commercial towel service offers a variety of benefits for businesses that require regularly cleaned and spotless towels. Professional towel companies eliminate the need for on-site personnel and facilities..."

Solid Color Floor Mats

Choosing the Right Mat for Your Business

"It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether retail, commercial, manufacturing, or industrial, the need to choose a mat for your business that reflects your brand and contributes to..."

Business concept illustration of a businessman watering young plant with light bulb on it.

How to Reduce Water Consumption for Your Business

"Although the earth is mostly covered in water, only three percent of this water is fresh, and most of it is frozen in glaciers and not available for immediate use...."

doctor wearing a face mask and protective googles

Cleanroom Protective Clothing Items to Consider

"Whether you produce electronics, medical equipment, or pharmaceuticals, the safety and quality of your products depend on them being produced and assembled in cleanrooms. Unsurprisingly, a cleanroom’s functionality depends on..."

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The Uniform Industry Trends of 2023

"Uniform and workwear trends are constantly evolving to leverage the latest developments in sustainability, fashionability, functionality, and comfort. Prudential Overall Supply is an industry leader when it comes to staying..."

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The Up-and-Coming Tech Industry in Las Vegas

"When you partner with Prudential Cleanroom Services for your cleanroom and apparel services, you partner with a brand that has been servicing tech companies in Nevada and surrounding areas since..."