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What Is Sterile Validation?

Uniforms and Apparel

"Products such as reusable cleanroom garments and other items must be manufactured, processed, and laundered according to strict specifications. To be considered “sterile,” a product or cleanroom environment must be free of microorganisms. Sterile products are categorized as either those that can be sterilized in a final container or terminally sterilized, and those that must rather be aseptically prepared. Sterilization..."


5 Signs It’s Time for a Uniform Refresh

Uniforms and Apparel

"If the uniforms your employees are wearing are outdated, it can make your company and/or brand seem outdated. This can affect your reputation and appeal to consumers. The benefits of new uniforms extend beyond appearance as well. An old uniform can have safety risks that, in some cases, can put workers’ lives in danger. Uniforms Should Evolve With Your Brand..."


What’s the Difference Between a Controlled Environment and a Cleanroom?

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"Controlled environments and cleanrooms have similarities, but the terms are not interchangeable. There are significant enough differences to impact how your project is engineered. We’ll explore controlled environment/cleanroom specifics and differences, including International Organization of Standardization (ISO) requirements. What Is a Cleanroom? Cleanrooms are controlled environments that are free of dust, microorganisms, mold, and other contaminants. They are classified per..."


7 Dust Control Methods to Keep Your Business Sparkling

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"Many people write off dust as a fact of life, but the truth is it’s an air pollutant that can be harmful if not properly managed. Dust control is important in any environment. Construction, agricultural, waste and recycling, mining, and glass reprocessing businesses see a lot of dust, but no matter where you are and the type of business you..."


What Type of Uniform Is Best for a Fast-Casual Restaurant?

Uniforms and Apparel

"Restaurant uniforms aren’t required by any law or regulation. However, they are better for your restaurant’s atmosphere and brand, while promoting safety, cleanliness, and professionalism. Many well-known establishments use fast food restaurant uniforms, but it’s important to not confuse a uniform with a dress code, which just provides employees with a general idea of what to wear. Uniforms are generally..."