Cleanroom Protocol: The Gowning and De-Gowning Process



If you work in the science or technology sectors, it is essential to have cleanroom services to ensure cleanliness and an environment free from potential contaminants. This includes businesses in the electronics, pharmaceutical and space technology fields, among others. In an average office building there can be upwards of 500,000 airborne particles per cubic foot of air, making it necessary to have a strict gowning and de-gowning procedure in place for employees.

To minimize the risk of contamination, it is smart to have employees wear two pairs of gloves and put on hair and shoe covers before entering the change room. They should then put on their coverall, goggles, and other equipment prior to entering the cleanroom. It is important to avoid any contact between the coverall and any surface. This keeps the garment clean and eliminates the possibility of contaminants on the floor, bench, or tabletops coming into contact with it. Learn more about cleanroom protocol by working with Prudential Cleanroom Services.

Cleanroom Protocol: The Gowning and De-Gowning Process

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