Companies Contributing to a Resurgence in American Manufacturing

The recent trend in the manufacturing industry is bringing jobs back to America. One of the underlying causes for this resurgence in “American-Made” products has to do with the increase in costs of producing finished goods overseas or in foreign countries.

As other countries’ economies have improved, workers are now demanding higher wages. In addition, changes to import procedures result in longer delays in getting goods cleared by customs and distributed to retailers.

Companies Contributing to a Resurgence in American Manufacturing

Some of the leading manufacturers who are expanding or bringing production back to the United States includes, in no particular order:

  • Whirlpool – Whirlpool’s KitchenAid hand mixer production is being moved to its Greenville, Ohio facility that currently manufacturers the full sized stand mixers, from China, due to lower production costs.
  • Chrysler – Chrysler is moving the production of its Maserati SUVs to its Detroit manufacturing facilities. The car manufacturer will also be adding a third shift to build the new diesel version of its Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Rolls-Royce – Rolls-Royce is building a new manufacturing plant in Indianapolis, Indiana to produce its aircraft engines, rather than building them overseas.
  • GE – GE is moving 800 production jobs from Mexico to its Kentucky facility.
  • Caterpillar – This leading manufacturer of construction equipment decided to build a new factory in Athens, Georgia and move production from Japan back to the U.S.
  • Electrolux – Electrolux is closing its Quebec plant and moving production to Memphis, Tennessee due to lower production costs.
  • Master Lock – Master Lock is expanding its production of locks and related goods at its Milwaukee manufacturing facility from China.
  • Toyota – Toyota decided to move the production of its hybrid Highlander SUV from its Japanese facility to their existing production facility in Princeton, Indiana, with plans to export the vehicles to countries around the world.
  • Siemens – Siemens has decided to close one of its plants in Ontario and shift production to an existing plant in North Carolina. The move was due to lower labor and production costs.
  • NCR – NCR is building ATM machines at a new facility located in Columbus, Georgia, which were previously built overseas.
  • Otis Elevator – This leading elevator manufacturer is moving production of elevators from its factory in Mexico to a brand new plant in South Carolina due to lower manufacturing costs.
  • Starbucks – When Starbucks needed new coffee mugs, it chose a production facility in East Liverpool, Ohio rather than China. The reason they opted for a U.S.-based manufacturer was due to the quality of craftsmanship and lower costs.

This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, with other manufacturers also bringing more manufacturing jobs back to America. For all of your industrial work apparel and uniforms, contact Prudential Overall Supply by calling (800) 767-5536. We offer a wide range of rental, leasing, and purchasing options to fit with your needs and budget.

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