Four Tips for Smarter Facility Management

In order to have a successful operation, it’s important for managers to incorporate the motto, “Work smarter, not harder.” For many companies, employee engagement is at an all-time low. So, how do we go about engaging employees to produce a more productive workday? In this blog, we will explore four techniques for achieving a smart, engaging facility every day.

Four Tips for Smarter Facility Management
  1. A happy worker is a productive worker. Can you identify pain points affecting employee morale? If not, try conducting an anonymous survey that allows staff to air their grievances. While going through the data, you may find some common themes becoming more apparent. Use this information to either eliminate or find a compromise around the problem areas.When employees feel like their voices are being heard and problems are being solved, they will quickly become much happier at work, and therefore more engaged and passionate about daily duties.
  2. Everyone loves a comfortable environment. Sometimes productivity can take a hit simply because the environment of the facility is not conducive to producing great work. For example, a facility that requires cheap work uniforms may want to consider upgrading their work apparel with softer fabrics that are more comfortable to wear.Some other things to consider include noise levels, temperature, lighting, space, and furniture. Invest in a space that creates a warm and welcoming environment. It doesn’t necessarily have to feel like home (as that might be counterproductive), but it does need to feel like somewhere a person would like to spend some time at.
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  1. Eliminate common distractions. With today’s technology, distractions seem to be never-ending. From smartphones, to multiple-tab web browsing, to social media, it can be easy to get caught up in all the information and notifications constantly buzzing around us. While the human brain is adept at multitasking, it tends to work better when the focus is centralized.Try implementing apps and software applications that organize various technologies into one central hub. Many offices are now using their own in-house social network for communicating, scheduling, task building, research, and more. By simplifying the process of accessing and sharing information, productivity is sure to skyrocket. This type of technology is also a great way to keep track of real-time productivity and make routine adjustments whenever necessary.
  2. It’s all about quality over quantity. The quality of work almost always suffers when employees start to become overwhelmed with too many tasks on the table. This is usually a result of not having enough manpower or resources to handle the workload. Take an assessment of individual tasks designated to any given worker, the time it takes to complete these tasks, and use that information to strike a well-coordinated balance.You can start by considering ways to distribute the work more evenly, providing training and education on how to improve time-management skills and instilling the importance of keeping organized in all facets of work.

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