There’s nothing quite like uniforms to emanate professionality and a unified workforce. In addition to this visual sense of unity, uniforms also perform essential functions for workers who wear them.

The automotive uniform is an example of a garment that goes far beyond appearances and favorable impressions. We’ll tell you more about the history of the automotive uniform, why providing automotive uniforms for workers is important, and how these uniforms help workers do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Overview of the Automotive Uniform

Automotive uniforms have been around for as long as the automotive industry’s been up and running. Different kinds of automotive uniforms are worn by assembly workers, mechanics, engineers, and other workers getting their hands dirty by working directly with the cars or car parts their companies produce. Individuals who work in the automobile industry are instantly recognizable by their uniforms—garments that protect as well as provide comfort in a potentially hot, dirty, and uncomfortable work environment.

Originally, most auto repair uniforms were blue, which was said to emanate trust, commitment, and dependability. Although a blue uniform is not a requirement across the board, automotive uniforms of all colors create a sense of authority that is crucial for customer relationships in the industry, especially if these uniforms sport the company’s logo.

Features of the Automotive Uniform

Though automotive technician uniforms are still made from durable material, the uniform has evolved from a one-piece cover suit to different upper and lower body options.

Earlier Automotive Uniforms

The earlier versions of automotive uniforms helped mechanics focus on their work by offering protection and increased comfort. Early automotive uniforms, also known as boiler suits, were created to protect employees’ limbs and underclothes from getting dirty and greasy from oil and other car engine products. These are the classic automotive uniforms that resembled long-sleeved jumpsuits.

Modern Automotive Uniforms

Work wear shirt with oilblok technology

The classic jumpsuit has since evolved into a protective two-piece uniform with button-up mechanic long-sleeve shirts and pants made from durable material to offer an even higher level of protection and comfort. Some workers prefer wearing short-sleeved work shirts in warmer environments and, today, work uniforms come in all shapes and sizes, including long and short-sleeved shirts, work jackets, work pants, and coveralls.

The Automotive Uniform with Prudential Overall Supply

No matter the climate or working environment, it’s crucial that automotive industry workers are both well-protected and comfortable at all times. Prudential Overall Supply provides top-quality workwear made from state-of-the-art textiles like our OILBLOCK textile range that repels even the toughest car-related liquids like brake fluid, oil, and grease. Our other revolutionary offering is workwear with Mimix. Work shirts in this range are made with comfort and mobility in mind and contribute to increased performance, freedom of movement, and an improved brand image.

Whatever your uniform needs, we’ve got you covered with brand-specific automotive workwear, including a wide range of mechanic uniform shirts and pants and lined and unlined jackets to protect workers in all temperatures. Our unique Uniform Identity Program allows you to add company emblems and branding to any uniforms acquired through us, whether you’re purchasing, leasing, or renting.

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