How Prudential Cleanroom Services Reusable Laundry and Garment Rental Service Program Works

Ensuring your ready-to-use garments are cleaned and sanitized correctly is part of what Prudential Cleanroom Services does. We have established set processes that are followed each time we pick up soiled garments from one of our customers.

These steps help ensure the garments we return to you are cleaned, sanitized, and not only meet our stringent requirements but also your requirements for creating safer working environments for your employees and products.

Fun Fact: Each of your garments is tagged and tracked with our proprietary Garment Tracking System (GTS) barcode tracking system. This system allows us and you to know exactly where your garments are at any given time. Plus, we track garments by individual garment, mop or goggle to ensure each account number always receives its assigned items each and every time we pick up soiled product and drop of clean and sanitized ones.

Our garment processing facilities follow ISO Class requirements to ensure garments are properly cleaned, sanitized, folded, packaged, and hermetically sealed in easy-open bags.

To learn more about how our cleanroom services work and what processes we follow from the time we pick up soiled items from your location, we invite you to continue reviewing the following infographic.

Afterward, if you have further questions or would like to find out about starting uniform or cleanroom garment services, please feel free to contact Prudential Cleanroom Services at 800-767-5536 today!

We have Prudential Cleanroom Services garment processing facilities across the United States and serve numerous healthcare, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, bioscience, aerospace, and medical device industries.

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