5 Organization Must-Haves Every Mechanic Needs

car mechanics fixing the car. View from under the car

Productivity and efficiency are crucial in the automotive industry. To provide quality service, a mechanic must be organized. Meeting your automotive storage equipment needs requires understanding the fundamentals, such as how important floor space is in the scope of your work. These storage/organization ideas can work in just about any setting.

Read on about how to organize your garage.

1. Mobile Garage Cabinets

Mobile workstations on caster wheels let you relocate tools and supplies to anywhere they’re needed. These come in many sizes and enable you to store tools safely without creating clutter in your workshop. You can even get creative and make storage bins, parts shelves, and worktables movable.

2. Shelving

Shelves, which come in many forms, allow you to put everything in its place. A shelf system can be relatively small and simple, such as a configurable shelf box. A special-purpose and/or multi-bank locker can serve as a valuable shelf space as well. The possibilities also include overhead ceiling-mounted shelves. You can store everything outright on your shelving or use labeled plastic bins to organize contents.

3. Storage Walls

Walls are great for storage as they use your vertical space, eliminating the need to take up valuable floor space. A pegboard is a great example of wall storage. You can easily store tools, supplies, and accessories without them being cluttered all over a desk or across the room. The board lets you choose how to organize items, whether by size, usage, or any system that’s most convenient to you.

4. Location for Soiled Materials

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You don’t want to mix clean and dirty items, so it’s best to set aside an area for soiled materials (such as used shop towels, uniforms, etc.). For example, you can place a laundry bag on a stand in the corner of the room for the soiled uniforms, and a shop towel can for the soiled towels. Keeping soiled items contained avoids tripping over them when going for tools or to work on a vehicle. A mechanic’s work requires a lot of movement, so you’ll appreciate when there is a level of garage organization that keeps soiled items where they belong.

5. Organize/Reduce/Eliminate Paperwork

If you can’t get rid of the paperwork, organize it by client/customer, year, category, or the type of document. All your papers should be in one place, but it also helps to throw out what you don’t need. Some records may be unnecessary; most dating back seven years or longer can be discarded. While it may be possible to go completely digital and eliminate all paperwork, at the very least scan your files and back them up to an external drive or the cloud.

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