How to Elevate Your Brand at Your Casino

The casino market remains competitive despite many challenges in 2020. Therefore, it’s important to elevate your brand so it stands out. Whether you’re operating a traditional or online casino, anything from creating a new logo to following the latest trends, to ordering updated hospitality apparel from a work uniform company can take your brand to the next level. If elevating your casino brand is a priority, here are some top suggestions.

Redesign Your Logo

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A logo represents your brand identity and creates a powerful first impression. While a logo redesign may come under scrutiny, it may be good if your business is shifting direction, the design looks dated, or it is too complex for small screens. If your company has grown, it may have outgrown the logo, which calls for adapting your brand identity.

Interior Design Updates

Designs are trending toward brighter-colored walls, patterned wallpaper, and colorful furniture, which you may want to take into consideration for your gaming room and office space. Workspaces are becoming less formal and more flexible and lounge-like. Energy efficiency trends such as LED lighting are popular. Modern lighting is more reliable too. Other trendy features are stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

Update Your Cocktail Menu

Some trends and updates draw people more than others. An effective brand update is to include the top cocktails for 2020 in your cocktail menu. They include the Margarita, a classic tequila drink, as well as the Manhattan, Espresso Martini, Dry Martini, Daiquiri, and Whiskey Sour. These cocktails are must-haves, as consumers from just about anywhere will order them.

Follow the Latest Casino Trends

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Gambling is increasingly reliant on the latest technologies. The latest trends include cryptocurrency transactions, augmented/virtual reality for a more immersive gambling experience, and online gambling. Casinos are switching to live dealer games over the internet and integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence, which can suggest games for players based on previous activity and provide customer support. It also helps to have your own app, so users can better interact with your brand and you can offer a wider range of services.

Update Employee Uniforms

Uniform design should reflect your latest brand updates. It should also be changed if a competitor switched to something similar. Uniform design can impact employee sentiment too. It should focus on comfort, work safety, and cleanliness. A reputable work uniform rental company can help find the right uniforms for your business that represent your brand and goals.

Order Uniforms from Prudential Overall Supply

Prudential Overall Supply is a work uniform services company serving many different industries. Committed to supporting a safe, clean work environment, we offer all types of hospitality uniforms and work apparel, as well as cleanroom services and facility supplies. To learn more about how we can help elevate your casino brand, contact us online or call 800-767-5536 today!