Must-Have School Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation Supplies for When Schools Will Reopen for 2020

Prudential Overall Supply is a leading source of work uniforms and the best personal protective equipment (PPE) for schools as they reopen this fall during the coronavirus pandemic. Clean restrooms are always a priority in terms of disinfection and eliminating odors. They are now a main concern in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Cleaning products to have in your school restroom supply room include:

Male Janitor Mopping Floor
  • Surface Disinfectants: Disinfectant sprays, fluids, and misters and tile, grout, and hard surface cleaners kill germs. Each container features instructions to ensure proper germ reduction. The label will identify dwell time, which identifies the minimum amount of time a product must be in contact with a surface to be effective.
  • Disposable Paper Products: Disposable paper towels and other absorbent paper products are effective at removing potentially infected body fluids. We offer many different toilet tissue and paper towel products. Our Microfiber Towels are highly effective, as well, as they absorb 7-10 times their weight in fluids.
  • Floor Sanitation Products: A clean restroom floor is critical because germs and contaminants can be spread by high traffic. To ensure your floors are sanitary, have a wet mop and handle and an ergonomic mop bucket to ensure it’s easy to reach the tightest areas. The right floor cleaner is important as well. It must have approved cleaning chemicals, be non-toxic, and provide traction for optimal sanitation.
  • Disposable Gloves: Along with facemasks, gloves are essential for avoiding COVID-19 and should be part of your restroom cleaning supplies. We supply latex, nitrile, vinyl, and poly disposable gloves. They should always be worn when cleaning and disinfecting. Wash your hands immediately after removing gloves, especially after contact with an infected person or touching surfaces the virus may be on.
  • Directional Mats: Social distancing can be enforced by placing Stick-and-Stand Directional Mats, adhesive-backed to remain in place and mark floor areas where it’s safe to stand in line for the bathroom. They feature clearly marked shoe prints for where to stand, are slip-resistant, and stick easily without leaving a residue.
  • Sanitizer/Soap: Foam hand wash dispensers, easy-to-use soap stands, and automatic tissue and towel dispensers provide a means for users to stay sanitary and minimize contact with surfaces. They can help promote the more widespread use of hand sanitizer and soap. Clean hands are one of the most effective ways to avoid spreading coronavirus.
taps of washbasin and yellow doors in the bathroom

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces such as toilet flush handles, toilet seats, doorknobs and handles, faucets, light switches, hand dryer/paper towel handles, handrails, and sink tops should be cleaned more often and thoroughly. The virus has more of a chance to accumulate there. Simply touching a surface and then one’s face can possibly cause a person to become infected.

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Prudential Overall Supply has all the supplies needed to sanitize school restroom facilities. Bathroom sanitization is more important than ever as schools reopen during the pandemic. For the most effective commercial cleaning supplies and other crucial items, place your order online. We can be reached at 800-767-5536 to provide assistance.