Make 2017 Count for Your Business by Going Green (Pssst … We Did!)

Changing the workplace environment to make it more eco-friendly can require changing your mindset on how you view green initiatives. It can be overwhelming for some businesses to tackle the challenges of implementing “green” initiatives, while still meeting the demands and objectives of the firm’s owners and stakeholders.

However, that does not mean you should not still put your best foot forward and evaluate what can be done to promote an eco-friendly work environment and business operation. Here at Prudential Overall Supply, we are committed to our Clean Green Movement to help us constantly strive toward being a greener and more eco-friendly operation. To help you adapt your workplace, we are happy to share some useful suggestions and tips.

  • Rent work uniforms and apparel. Renting work apparel from Prudential Uniforms ensures your employees have access to quality clothing and uniforms without the expenses of laundering them at home. As a result, not only will your employees appreciate saving energy and water, but your firm will also benefit from knowing we offer green solutions to help save you money.
  • Install electronic vehicle charging stations. You can promote cleaner commuting for your employees by providing access to vehicle recharging stations. You could also situate the charging stations closer to the building in prime parking spaces.
Make 2017 Count for Your Business by Going Green (Pssst … We Did!)
  • Encourage employees to consider alternative forms of transportation. If your business is near a bus stop or train/subway stop, consider giving employees free passes if they opt to use this form of transportation to commute to work. Another option is to offer gas cards for employees who carpool together.
  • Green employee break areas and cafeterias. Instead of Styrofoam containers and coffee cups, disposable napkins, and plastic dinnerware, consider offering reusable coffee mugs and drink glasses, along with recyclable or reusable napkins, silverware, and other such items, many of which are also available from us.
  • Purchase office supplies made from post-consumable and recycled materials. Using these types of products is an easy step to greening your office and does not involve making any drastic changes.
  • Install a solar panel system. If you own your building, you could have valuable space on your roof you could use to generate solar power and cut your business’s energy costs.
Solar Panel System
  • Update your lighting. Switch to low-powered LED lights and use motion sensors and timers to control how long lights remain on in less used areas.
  • Promote turning off office machines, computers, and equipment when not in use. One of the biggest energy wasters is leaving on computers, copiers, and other office equipment and machines when they are not being used. While most have low-power or energy saving modes, these still use power.

To learn more about our eco-friendly uniform and facility products and services, please feel free to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536. We would even be happy to share more tips and suggestions to help you make your business greener!