Prudential Overall Supply – A Certified Green Company

Keeping your employees in suitable work clothes just got easier, thanks to Prudential Overall Supply. Here, we strive to meet all of your uniform needs, including the cleaning of said uniforms. Our cleaning process is guaranteed to meet industry standards, such as the ones that require repeatable process to avoid cross-contamination. However, another huge benefit of our cleaning process is the fact that it is a green process — and in today’s world of ever-depleting natural resources, going green is the only way to go.

“It Ain’t Easy Being Green”

Just like Kermit, we understand that it isn’t always easy to be green. However, we don’t expect you to do all of the work on your own. Rather than giving you uniforms and expecting you to clean them in a green manner, we take the guesswork out of it. We provide you with a green cleaning process that leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business. So, while it may not always be easy to be green, we can help make it a little bit easier.

Our Clean Green laundry process is different from other cleaning processes you might find at other uniform supply companies. We take great strides to provide the highest level of clean while using the minimal amount of resources. The Textile Rental Service Association has even given us their seal of approval in the form of Clean Green Certification. From minimizing the use of water in the washing and rinsing cycle, to repurposing water for different uses, Prudential Overall Supply helps reduce our impact on the environment. In doing so, we reduce your impact, too, because you can proudly display Clean Green stickers around your business to let your own customers know that you, too, value the environment.

Why Go Green?

When it comes to going green, there are numerous reasons why it should be as important to you as it is to us. The planet’s natural resources are in constant demand. However, those resources, such as water, are constantly being depleted and/or contaminated. By choosing to operate your business in a greener manner, you can help reduce your impact on the water supply. With drought conditions running rampant all over the country, water conservation is essential for everyone.

Another reason to go green is for enticing customers. You see, living a green life is important to millions of people. These people tend to seek out green businesses. Think of it like this: if a customer lives a green life, and they have to choose between your green company and another company that provides the same services, only with the environmental concern, which one do you think they will pick? The answer is clear — they will choose the company that values the same things they value.

Prudential Uniform Supply is the company of choice for anyone wanting clean and green services. Not only do we provide a green cleaning process, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint, too. We take environmental protection seriously because we understand that we only have one planet — so, let’s protect it together. Contact us today at Prudential Overall Supply to learn more about our Clean Green services.

Prudential Overall Supply - A Certified Green Company

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