Prudential Overall Supply Company – History in the Industry

Prudential Overall Supply Company was founded in 1932, and since then they have prided themselves on supplying work uniforms for a variety of different industries. Prudential has seen changes over their years, and their ability to adapt and change has kept them a leader in the uniform service industry.

Prudential Overall Supply offers a wide variety of uniform rentals and uniform services for many different industries. In recent years, Prudential Overall Supply has been able to expand their services to include uniform services for clean room garments.

Though, for years, Prudential Overall Supply Company has built their reputation on providing traditional work uniforms. Much of the food industry uses uniforms to keep their staff well dressed, cohesive and consistent. In some respects, the food service industry needs uniforms.

But ensuring that your employees are ambassadors of any company is important for any business model.  Considering that Prudential Overall Supply Company has been renting and selling garments since 1932, they have the experience and know-how to run a successful, customer-oriented business.

In the 1970s Prudential Overall Supply began to introduce Poly/Cotton fabrics to their work clothes, which helped them increase their revenue and expand their business out west to Arizona and California.

In 1998, Prudential Overall Supply Company expanded their clean room services. Clean room garments are an essential part of the biochemical and medical engineering fields. Prudential has been able to adapt with the changes and be a leader in the supply industry.