Prudential Overall Supply’s Preferred Customer Program

Prudential Overall Supply is pleased to offer our Preferred Customer Program in addition to our lease and rental uniform programs. We offer a wide array of uniforms for numerous industries for purchase for your employees, whether you or your employees purchase them, by joining our preferred customer program.

Benefits of Our Preferred Customer Program

Prudential Overall Supply’s Preferred Customer Program

Each of our preferred customers gain several benefits through our unique program. With this program, you have access to your own preferred customer site, which is created specifically for your company, with the logos and brands you approve. Further, if you register for the site option, the set up and design are completely free, and it only takes about ten business days to get your site created. After it is created, the portal site can either be used by your individual employees or your purchasing department. In addition, your portal will include volume discounts and an easy ordering interface to guarantee faster turnaround times on your orders.

What Makes Prudential Overall Supply Different?

Unlike other uniform rental companies that might limit what options and benefits you have available, our solutions are completely flexible and customizable to fit with exactly what your business needs. Additional benefits our customers enjoy include, but may not be limited to:

  • Uniform Rental Services – Rental solutions include all management, administrative services, and laundering services.
  • Uniform Lease Services – Lease solutions are ideal for businesses which take care of their own laundering needs, yet we will provide replacement for worn and torn uniforms, as well as remove any uniforms for terminated employees.
  • Access to Our Online Uniform Store – Direct purchase solutions are available through our online store, along with our Preferred Customer Program.
  • Green/Eco-Friendly Reusable Textile Processes – We are Clean Green Certified through TRSA.
  • Uniform Customization – From logos to uniform colors, we allow our customers to customize every aspect of their uniforms.
  • Guaranteed Prices – Your weekly rental rates are priced-locked for an entire year.
  • High Quality Products – We only work with the top manufacturers to deliver the best quality products.
  • Direct Customer Sales Representative (CSR) and Service – You have direct access to your own CSR for all of your sales and service needs.
  • Detailed Inspection Processes – All uniforms are inspected upon arrival at our facility for needed repairs and/or replacements.
  • Garment Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades – All of your uniforms include specific quality standards, and are repaired, replaced, or upgraded as needed throughout the contract period.
  • Form-Pressed Uniforms – We individually press each garment using the traditional form-press method.
  • Customized Invoicing to Help Control Costs – Your invoice is simple and easy to read. We can also customize our invoice to match your specific needs.
  • An Open Invitation to Visit Our Facilities – We invite all of our customers to visit and tour our facilities to see our high quality processes and the individualized service they will receive.

For more information about our rental, leasing, and purchasing programs and solutions for your business, or assistance in joining our Preferred Customer Program, please contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 today!