Advantages of Reusable Healthcare Textiles

Reusable medical textiles are winners for health care organizations, leading to reduced costs, better patient outcomes, and a smaller environmental footprint.

When hospitals switch from using disposable scrubs, linens, and other textiles to reusable ones, they can save up to $1.4 million per year. A significant chunk of that figure comes from savings on materials used for surgical procedures.

Patients prefer reusable textiles, to paper and other disposable products, and patient satisfaction can have a big impact on recovery rates. Surveys have also found that medical professionals prefer reusables, and that reaction and accuracy rates improve when these professionals are using reusable textiles.

Using reusable textiles can help hospitals go green. Reusable textile use consumes fewer resources and generates less waste than using disposable products. The results include less carbon emissions and oil consumption, and a smaller impact on the overall environment.

Advantages of Reusable Healthcare Textiles
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