Prudential Uniform Services – Providing Excellent Service to Their Customers

It’s one thing to have successful relationship with your customers; it’s entirely something else when your employees can help customers make informed decisions. At Prudential, we work with business owners and managers, which means that our clientele is highly particular and highly informed.

Prudential Overall Supply Company has a staff that specializes in what they do, which is to help businesses run efficiently. Being able to guide business owners and managers in the right direction, when it comes to work apparel and other supplies, is something that Prudential employees strive to do with every interaction.

Prudential offers door-to-door services, meaning that a Prudential representative will come pick up your work apparel from your place of work, whether it be clean room apparel, medical scrubs, men’s work shirts, hospital uniforms, mechanic uniforms, coveralls, chefs’ uniforms, spa uniforms, security uniforms, or flame-resistant clothing. They will also clean and repair any of the many different types of work apparel that you’ve purchased, rented or leased through Prudential.

The Prudential cleaning service is a great way to maintain the quality of your work uniforms. A Prudential representative will count the number of garments that are there and which need to be cleaned. They will provide you with a copy of this information, so that you can be sure you receive the same exact number of uniforms that you send out.  They will be picked up, cleaned and returned  after they are treated at a Prudential laundry facility, and can also repair clothing if necessary. Making sure that your uniforms are uniform is built into the Prudential work model.