Reusable Textile Goods or Disposable? Which Is More Cost-Effective?

There are several different industries where they have the choice between using reusable textile goods and disposable items, such as hospital uniforms, restaurant napkins, automotive repair uniforms, and various types of personal protection equipment (PPE). Initially, when looking at the upfront costs between reusable and disposable options, some companies automatically assume just because disposables tend to have much lower prices, they are the better solution.

Reusable Textile Goods or Disposable

Granted, in situations where the items are only be used once or twice, using disposables would most likely be the most cost efficient solution. For example, your company is doing its annual detailed spring cleaning and all the employees pitch in and help. To ensure employees are protected, the company provides disposable gloves, face masks, and aprons they can wear while performing various cleaning tasks.

Since this event only occurs once a year, using disposables tends to make the most sense and best use of corporate funds. On the other hand, if the goods are something you will be using long-term, then you will want to examine the long-term costs to determine which one is more cost-effective for your needs. Part of this process also involves taking the lifespan of the goods into consideration.

For instance, disposable napkins, like those used in many restaurants, have a single usage lifespan. They cannot be reused as they could spread germs, bacteria, and illnesses. Another alternative is to use reusable textile napkins. While the restaurant still has to change napkins out every time tables are reset for new diners multiple times each day, they would have to do so whether they were using disposable or reusable ones.

Over time, the more cost-effective solution in this example would clearly be the textile napkins. Textiles can be washed and sanitized and reused numerous times before they will wear out and need to be replaced. Some can last years, resulting in a much lower total cost than using disposable napkins.

Furthermore, companies need to decide how their decisions to use textile or disposal goods will impact the environment. Using disposable solutions does generate a significant amount of waste, even if the items are biodegradable. Additionally, the sustained usage of disposables could equally deplete the amount of natural resources available.

Hospital Uniforms

That being said, there are times where disposables may not necessarily be the most cost-effective solution, yet are the most appropriate solution based on the work environment and potential workplace hazards. For instance, in surgical procedures, surgeons will use disposable gloves to address concerns about the hazards of bodily fluids and blood.

Last, you should evaluate and compare different textile solutions, from renting and leasing to purchasing goods outright. For assistance in determining whether using disposables or textiles is best for your business, contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 today!

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