The Importance of Keeping Your Business Well Stocked

When running any business, there are many aspects that work together to keep things running smoothly. A restaurant needs to make sure that they order the right amount of food, and that it is delivered on time to the right location. A coffee shop needs to keep their beans in order and their pastries fresh. These are the basic things that are apparent to any customer when they walk in.  Work clothes should be clean and consistent – all employees should look like they work there. Company uniforms need to be supplied from a trusted source; if your employees have nothing to wear then they cannot do their job.

There are other items that most customers wouldn’t consider to be that important to running a business, but without them, it would be impossible to run a small company.

Bathroom supplies, for example — having soap, towels and toilet paper — are not only necessary to keep customers clean, healthy and happy, but are required by law. Employees must wash their hands before returning to work. The details of the requirements vary from state to state (like in California a restaurant or food service business must have toilet seat covers, whereas in Idaho this is not required), but there are some health codes that are consistent across the board in the United States. For instance, the rule that an employee must wash their hands is required by law in all states.

There are supply companies, like Prudential Overall Supply, that offer uniform rental and cleaning, as well as basic supplies – like hand soap and towels.