The Keys to Creating Exceptional Guest Experiences in Hospitality

Customer service and creating quality guest experiences should be a top priority for any business in the hospitality industry. It does not matter whether you are in charge of running a five-star luxury resort or an economy-priced hotel. Your guests and what you can do for them should be at the forefront of your business strategies. The following tips can help you implement the right business strategies and training to guarantee your guests always have outstanding experiences each time they visit.

  • Use the check-in process to get to know your guest.
    During the check-in process, take the time to ask the guest probing questions, like the reason for their visit. Use this opportunity to tailor the guest’s experience by offering relevant information and making recommendations to enhance their stay. For instance, if they are in town for business, inform them of business center hours and services you offer, as well as available Internet access options. In addition, use the guest’s name when talking to them, to make them feel welcomed and more at home.
  • Make sure all employees dress professionally and are never seen out of uniform.
    All of your employees should be dressed-to-impress by wearing the right professional hospitality uniforms at all times. If your employees do not come already dressed in their uniforms, make sure they have a private entrance they can use to avoid being seen out of uniform by guests.
The Keys to Creating Exceptional Guest Experiences in Hospitality
  • Promote a warm, inviting, and friendly environment in all guest areas.
    The last thing your guests want to hear would be employees being reprimanded for something they did wrong, employees talking on their cell phones or complaining about specific guests, and other disruptions. Keep employee issues, cell phone usage, and other such things behind the scenes where guests cannot see or hear what is being discussed.
  • Offer incentives and added perks for repeat/frequent guests.
    While all guests deserve the same high level of customer service, providing special incentives and perks for repeat guests will further promote your business. Perks could be little things, like free bottles of water in the room, a free room upgrade, or express check-in/check-out service. These little things do make a big difference. In addition, keep a record of repeat guests’ preferences, as they will appreciate your attention to detail.
  • Promote your business online with a website.
    Many travelers spend a great deal of time researching hotels online before booking their stays. Develop a website and make sure to include plenty of accurate pictures, so guests know exactly what your resort looks like. Do not forget to mention directions to the resort, and any freebies you offer, like free Wi-Fi, airport shuttles, and so on.
  • Register your business on hospitality review sites.
    Reviews of your business can be the deciding factor for many people. Take the time to read what former guests are saying about your business. Respond to both positive and negative comments by thanking the guests for their feedback and what you will do to overcome any problems/issues they mention.

When implementing these or other customer service strategies, remember to properly train all of your employees. To learn more about customizable hospitality rental uniforms for your business, please feel free to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 to speak to a representative now.

Creating Exceptional Guest Experiences in Hospitality