The Need for Flame Resistant Fabrics in Industry


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Those who work in uniform distribution deal with many different types of fabric on a daily basis. Flame retardant fabrics are used in a variety of occupations daily. This particular type of fabric keeps workers safe while they work in hazardous conditions. There are many benefits to providing these types of uniforms to employees, especially when working around fire and heat.

  1. There are two different kinds of flame resistant clothing. These types are treated and inherent. Treated clothing is made up of normal fabrics that are coated with flame-retardant chemicals. These chemicals are additives that are used during the manufacturing process. Over time, these materials can lose their flame resistance. This is because the chemical coating wears away over time. Flame inherent fabrics have the flame resistance built into the chemical structure of the fabric. This means that the resistance does not diminish over time. This makes them much safer.
  2. Because of new technology, flame resistant fibers are much stronger and softer than the fabrics of yesteryear. In the past, these fabrics were very stiff and also did not breathe well. This caused many issues. For one, employees did not want to wear their uniforms because they were not comfortable. The other problem that employees had was ventilation. The fabric just did not breathe well, which meant that employees were left sweltering while they worked. This was dangerous and caused heat stroke. Luckily, uniforms now do not have these issues. The fabrics are lightweight and breathable.
  3. Fire retardant fabrics are used for clothing and many other things. Most fire retardant fabrics are used for clothing, but not all. Other examples of fabrics with these properties are blankets, curtains, and other bedding. Children's night gowns are made of treated fabric that does not catch fire; however, over time the flame resistance fades. With heavier textiles, this is often not an issue.
  4. Fire retardant suits are used to keep personnel safe when they have to access areas where temperatures are dangerously high. These suits can be used in many different job fields and across many different industries. It is common to see fire departments carry these suits, as well as chemical manufacturers, and other similar professions. These suits are rarely treated, but, instead, are made of materials that can handle high temperatures. Personnel wearing the suits usually have access to their own air supply and are fully covered from head to toe.

Fire retardant materials are available for regular people, and those who work in many different industries. If you require specialized clothing to wear that is treated or inherent, you can have it ordered by a uniform company. You'll have the option of many different colors and styles of uniforms, as well as different safety equipment choices. Most uniform companies only offer inherent flame resistant uniforms, but it doesn't hurt to ask about your other options. Remember what the differences between the two are, and don't forget to ask about care of your new uniforms. You might also have a choice of what brand you purchase and the level of protection it has to offer.

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The Need for Flame Resistant Fabrics in Industry