Tips and Tricks for Keeping Work Uniforms Clean

If your employer requires you to clean and maintain your own work uniform, you may find yourself concerned over the best ways to keep it looking new, fresh, and pressed. After all, a wrinkled or soiled uniform not only reflects poorly on your company, but also gives your boss the impression that you don’t take your job seriously. If you work in an environment that lends itself towards soiled uniforms, here are some simple tips and tricks for keeping you looking your best on the job:

Keep Laundry Essentials on Hand

No one wants to get halfway through a load of laundry only to suddenly realize they’re out of detergent or dryer sheets. Outfit your laundry room or supply closet with all the things you’ll need to keep your work uniforms looking great. Buy things like detergent, bleach, stain remover and fabric softener when they’re on sale, and make sure you’ve got enough hangers in the closet for all of your uniforms.

Pre-treating is Your Friend

Once stains set in, they’re much harder to deal with. If possible, keep a travel-sized stain remover at work, where you can pre-treat stains as soon as they happen. If you can’t deal with the stain on the job, apply a stain remover or laundry booster with cold water to your work uniform as soon as you get home.Separate!

One of the fastest ways to ruin your work uniform is to mix up light and dark colors. Make sure to separate your laundry carefully and never wash whites and darks together.

Get Acquainted with Homemade Laundry Boosters

Things you probably already have in your home, like vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide can be tough laundry’s best friend. Check out homemade laundry websites (or ask a knowledgeable friend) for tips on what to toss in the laundry to keep your uniforms looking their absolute best.