Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Uniform Supplier


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Sometimes it’s easier to have a uniform store supply the uniforms for your company. When you do, it means that all employees have the same uniform, and that you do not have to worry about gowning protocol violations as often. This is especially true in specialized environments, such as clean rooms. Other jobs might require custom uniforms, which a supplier can handle easily.

  1. Uniform rental programs mean that no one has to buy the uniforms. They also go back to the supplier to be cleaned. This works out really well for employers who have specialized uniforms in clean rooms.
  2. Green certified suppliers. You can find a supplier that uses recycled materials in their supplies and uniforms, as well as staying on top of green laundering  processes. In addition, you can get all of the uniform cleaning services from a certified green facility, too.
  3. Management can choose from a wider variety of uniforms than available locally. They can then have the company name embroidered  onto the shirts, as well as employees’ names. Companies can also choose from many different custom designs for outfits.
  4. Uniform suppliers keep a good inventory of their uniforms. They use a barcode system to scan each item before sending it off to be washed. This helps both the supplier and the business to track their orders. This leaves less of a chance for your company being charged for missing uniforms.
  5. During the rental period, worn or damaged uniforms can be exchanged for new ones without an issue. This keeps employees from coming to work looking a mess. Only a small amount of uniform supply companies offer this service.
  6. In many cases, a uniform supplier will work with you to select a package that fits your budget. The invoices are very clear and explain what you are being charged for. You also get regular service reviews, which ensures you are happy with the service.
  7. Some uniform suppliers offer tours of their facilities, which allows you to see how all the uniforms are made and whether the description you were given was accurate. You can then make a decision whether you want to work with them after this experience.
  8. Many companies offer multiple services, which include uniform rental, supplies, and the purchase of custom uniforms. These options allow you to make a good decision, no matter what your choice is.
  9. Uniform rentals are a major plus to the companies who use the service. You pay less than the purchase price for the uniforms, have them professionally washed, and have them replaced when damaged. This results in an excellent savings over the course of the relationship. In addition, employees are happier, since they do not have to wash their uniforms.
  10. Many uniform companies offer much more than uniform services. You can order other supplies, like towels, mops , and napkins from the company. Offering a wide selection of resources is a nice way to gain more customers. In addition, you can also rent many of these services, if you need to.

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Uniform Supplier