NASA’s New Bacteria: A Reason to Use a Uniform Service for Cleanrooms

Companies that do not use a uniform supply company for their cleanrooms have the possibility of contaminating their own projects and bringing bacteria home. This is a disturbing thought that has recently come to light ever since NASA released the news that they found a new type of bacteria living in their Florida and South America cleanrooms. This is a huge risk, for all the projects completed in the cleanrooms, and for the employees working in these environments. However, there are ways to combat this type of problem before it becomes serious.

About the New Bacteria

The new bacterium was named Tersicoccus phoenicis. Scientists used this name to depict the fact that it is only found in cleanrooms, has a berry shape, and in dedication to the Phoenix Mars Lander. Scientists found the virus during routine testing of the floors and other surfaces of the cleanroom for bacteria and microbes. For the time being, scientists do not know much about the microbe, nor do they know how to control it. All they know is that the bacteria survives on nearly nothing, as there are few sources of nutrients inside of a cleanroom.

Microbes and Cleanrooms

This microbe is not the only one found in a cleanroom. Scientists have identified many other newer microbes inside of cleanrooms. These microbes are some of the few that are able to survive in extreme environments. What makes these new bacteria special is that they were found in two different cleanrooms and are not known to exist anywhere else on Earth. However, scientists cannot be sure, because each teaspoon of soil contains millions of microbes, which might overwhelm the presence of these new bacteria.

Possible Risks

Because the bacterium is so new, scientists do not know much about it. There are possibilities that it does carry some risks, but it is unlikely that it would affect humans. However, it could affect special equipment, especially equipment that tests for life on other planets, at least for NASA. Risks for other companies include products that are contaminated and, therefore, not sterile anymore. In addition, leaving the cleanroom with the clothes or not following proper washing techniques could cause the microbes to appear in other environments, which could cause issues.

How to Cut Down on the Risks

Companies can cut down on risks by using a uniform service to sterilize and clean their uniforms. Companies that specialize in cleanrooms are the most effective at controlling the levels of bacteria, lint, and other particles on the clothing. The service would remove the uniforms from the cleanroom laundry facility, clean them at their facility, and deliver clean uniforms. This allows companies to not worry about their uniforms. In addition, many cleanroom uniform supply companies also deliver cleanroom supplies to their customers.

Companies that use a uniform service generally have uniforms that are cleaner and look better than companies that wash their own in-house. This is especially important for companies that have cleanrooms. These rooms have to be as close to sterile as possible, which is why having a service cleaning the uniforms is one of the best decisions a company can make.

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NASA's New Bacteria: A Reason to Use a Uniform Service for Cleanrooms