You spend at least forty hours a week at work, and there’s a good chance you have specific workwear. Considering how much of your day is spent in these clothes, you may be wondering how to style a uniform to make it your own.

Looking Stylish and Professional

Quality is key. You want to start with pieces that are made of durable fabrics and well-constructed. This will make such a big difference to how the clothes fit on your body and hold up to repeated washing.

From there you can focus on these three key elements: seasonality and occasion, cut, and personal touches.

Change with the Seasons (or for Any Occasion)

While you have your everyday basics that you rely on for comfort but also a professional look, you can also have options for when the weather cools down or when you want to dress up. Think women’s uniform shirts in different styles and sleeve lengths but matching your brand’s colors.

Cut for a Woman’s Body

Sometimes just choosing workwear options that are designed specifically for women can transform your look. Consider that the average waist-to-hip ratio is different for men and women. Also, the crotch depth and zipper length can vary greatly between men’s and women’s pants.

Add Your Personality to Your Look

Your industry may allow some flexibility in how you pull your look together. This is when you can incorporate bold jewelry or a fun scarf. If accessories aren’t possible, consider patterned or colorful socks or shoes that are uniquely you.

Below we dive into some of our favorite women’s work uniform ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and then we invite you to shop Prudential Overall Supply for all the high-quality, durable, stylish pieces!

A Guide to Women’s Uniform Styling Infographic

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