Unsung Heroes: Natural Disaster Cleanup


"Natural disasters have wreaked havoc on multiple U.S. states in the late summer of 2017, coast to coast, starting with Southern California wildfires burning thousands of acres in August 2017, to hurricanes in both Texas and Florida. Flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes in multiple countries in the Americas during the late summer of 2017 caused mandatory evacuations, power outages, and..."


Professional Development: What Can You Do Better?

Uniforms and Apparel, Cleanroom

"The success of a business can be linked to the professional development at every level within the organization. Ongoing development is needed in today’s markets to remain competitive. If you do not pursue continuous training and development, you will quickly discover you are falling behind your competitors. Unfortunately, this could slowly erode your revenues to the point where you are..."


Is Your Company Legit?

Uniforms and Apparel, Facility

"“Evaluate and then reevaluate” should be the motto for all businesses. Just because something works well for a while does not mean it will continue to do so for all time. Companies should always strive to be their best by re-evaluating their practices and checking out their ratings to see which aspects customers like or dislike about their businesses. Employees..."


Customer Reviews: How to Get the Best Ones and Correct Not So Pleasant Ones


"In today’s social media driven society, people are willing to share their customer service experiences, both good and bad. They might take to Twitter, post something on Facebook, or even visit a review site like Yelp to leave their feedback about your business. As a business owner, you need to be aware of what others are saying about your products,..."


Reusable Textile Goods or Disposable? Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Uniforms and Apparel

"There are several different industries where they have the choice between using reusable textile goods and disposable items, such as hospital uniforms, restaurant napkins, automotive repair uniforms, and various types of personal protection equipment (PPE). Initially, when looking at the upfront costs between reusable and disposable options, some companies automatically assume just because disposables tend to have much lower prices,..."