The Benefits of Prudential Cleanroom Services vs. Competitors

When you run a cleanroom, the most important aspect is the ability to keep everything inside appropriately sanitized. All employees must wear specialized cleanroom garments, and these garments must be laundered properly after use so that they can safely enter the cleanroom once again.

Prudential Cleanroom Services (PCS) is a specialized division of Prudential Overall Supply that focuses solely on providing high-quality cleanroom apparel and laundry processing services. With our strong dedication to customer service and hard work, PCS has become a global industry leader in cleanroom laundry services.

The Benefits of Prudential Cleanroom Services vs. Competitors

Prudential Cleanroom Services: A Step Above the Rest

At Prudential Cleanroom Services, we work hard to provide the products and services you need, all while outpacing the competition. The following are just a few of the ways in which Prudential Cleanroom Services offers more than our competitors:

  • No penicillin: Our competitors process penicillin in their facilities. PCS does not.
  • Backup processing facilities: We have five backup processing facilities—more than our competitors.
  • Service Manager/Supervisor availability: PCS always has three or more service managers or supervisors available to cover customer needs in a given service area. Our competitors don’t offer that kind of coverage.
  • Service Manager evaluation and goals: Our competitors often evaluate service managers’ performance based on how much they bill and collect in Loss and Ruin (L&R) garment charges, and they even set L&R billing goals. We know this is a slippery slope to overcharging customers, which is why our service managers are never evaluated on the basis of extra fees (and will never be asked to meet such a goal).
  • Certifications/tests: All of our garments undergo special tests and must meet certain certification requirements. Our competitors’ garments may not.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified/Registered facilities: PCS boasts six fully ISO 9001:2008 certified processing facilities. Our competitors can’t currently say the same.
  • Continuously expanding services: In February of 2017, Prudential Cleanroom Services announced that it had acquired the cleanroom laundry operations of MSR-FSR. With these additional resources and knowledge from MSR-FSR’s existing services, PCS continues to expand and provide top-notch cleanroom laundry services.

Keep Your Cleanroom Truly Clean with PCS Garments and Laundry Services

If your company uses a cleanroom as part of its daily operations, opt for high-quality garments and laundry services at competitive prices from Prudential Cleanroom Services. Prudential Overall Supply has been dedicated to creating industrial garments with good workmanship and fine materials for more than 85 years. Since 1960, Prudential Cleanroom Services has been known as a world leader in cleanroom laundry processing services.

To learn more about our cleanroom garments and specialized laundry services, contact us today at (800) 767-5536.