The Up-and-Coming Tech Industry in Las Vegas

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"When you partner with Prudential Cleanroom Services for your cleanroom and apparel services, you partner with a brand that has been servicing tech companies in Nevada and surrounding areas since 1960. Over the years we have become an internationally recognized controlled environment supplier of sterile apparel and uniforms for bio-science, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and semiconductor companies. In a state..."


8 Green Restaurant Practices to Adopt Today

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"Restaurant sustainability has become a hot topic, and here we’ll cover some environmentally friendly restaurant practices that are easy to implement. They can reduce costs, energy expenditures, and waste. Many people are looking for restaurants that are eco-friendly, so your business can become more attractive to customers. Therefore, doing what’s right for the environment can have many advantages. Historically, how..."


What’s the Difference Between a Controlled Environment and a Cleanroom?

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"Controlled environments and cleanrooms have similarities, but the terms are not interchangeable. There are significant enough differences to impact how your project is engineered. We’ll explore controlled environment/cleanroom specifics and differences, including International Organization of Standardization (ISO) requirements. What Is a Cleanroom? Cleanrooms are controlled environments that are free of dust, microorganisms, mold, and other contaminants. They are classified per..."


7 Dust Control Methods to Keep Your Business Sparkling

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"Many people write off dust as a fact of life, but the truth is it’s an air pollutant that can be harmful if not properly managed. Dust control is important in any environment. Construction, agricultural, waste and recycling, mining, and glass reprocessing businesses see a lot of dust, but no matter where you are and the type of business you..."


Hand Soap vs. Hand Sanitizer: Which Is Best for Your Employees?

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"Washing your hands with soap and water kills germs, removes chemicals, and prevents the spread of viruses, but not everyone has access to soap and water throughout the day. Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are effective at killing many germs. While not a replacement for ordinary soap, they certainly eliminate some germs and at least reduce the growth..."