Clean Room Garment Supplies – Choosing the Right Clean Room Supplier



The clean room industry is a growing industry. With the advancements in technology, the biochemical and biomedical fields have never been more important. Making sure that any clean room is, in fact, clean starts with the basics. The premise of any clean room is to limit the number of contaminants that enter the environment. This can be done through sterile supplies and by limiting the number of variables that are typically found on human skin, clothes and hair. Exposing a clean room to any of these items can be dangerous and compromise the quality of the clean room environment.

Ensuring that your employees meet clean room standards is important to running any clean-room-based business. Prudential Overall Supply Company offers a variety of different work uniforms, including clean room garments and apparel. The coveralls that Prudential Overall Supply Company offers for clean room use provide a maximum contamination control, while allowing for maximum mobility and comfort.

While their coveralls tend to run slightly larger than the average clean room garment available as the industry standard, this extra fabric allows for maximum comfort and mobility for the person wearing the garment. This is because all edges of any clean room garment must be secured, in order to prevent cross-contamination. That means that the clean room work uniform is the only surface exposed to the controlled clean room environment.

Prudential Overall Supply Company also offers boots that are available in many sizes with flat or molded souls --- to fit any clean room needs. Their labels are clear and easy to view, making sizing any garment and any employee a simple process.

Clean Room Garment Supplies – Choosing the Right Clean Room Supplier