Cleanroom Services: Managing Every Clean Detail



Cleanroom services are ever changing and evolving with technology. The cleanroom industry relies on technology to help make advances in various fields -- such as biochemical and biomedical companies -- which help improve the quality of life for the human race. Cleanroom products are similar to, and yet very different, in their level of cleanliness, from other facility products on the market.

Prudential Overall Supply has been in the business of supplying companies with their work uniform and facility needs since they opened their doors over 75 years ago. Prudential works with their customers to ensure that they receive exactly the type of support and supplies that they need.

Prudential also aims to save their clients money wherever they can. That’s why Prudential was one of the first work apparel companies to offer uniform rentals, so that start-up businesses could look professional without having to spend a lot of money. Today, running a business that is reliant on cleanrooms can be an expensive endeavor. The apparel and the products, alone, are very costly. Prudential aims to offer cost-effective cleanroom garments and products that are certifiably clean and sterile, saving you money, without compromising the quality and integrity of the work being done in these cleanrooms.

In particular, Prudential offers the sterile and non-sterile reusable mop program. This means that a business can use products that are sterile to clean their cleanrooms, and then reuse the same mop after it has been properly cleaned by a Prudential facility. This not only saves business owners time and money; it is also better for the environment.

Cleanroom Services: Managing Every Clean Detail