Company History and the Clean, Green Movement

Since it was established in 1932, Prudential Overall Supply company has been dedicated to providing a high quality of service when it comes to uniform services. Prudential Overall Supply company uses reusable textiles for a number of different reasons. Clean, green reusable textiles help sustain the environment. Protecting the environment and providing top-of-the-line uniforms for all sorts of industries are two of our goals. Prudential Overall Supply company is certified through TRSA — Textile Rental Service  Association — which helps rate uniform supply companies.

Unlike some of their competitors, Prudential Overall Supply company is committed to the clean, green movement. In addition to using reusable materials, they are responsible when it comes to typical forms of washing, and their carbon footprint is considerably smaller than most of their competitors.Taking care of their customers and the environment makes Prudential Overall Supply company an industry leader in the uniform supply business.

There are many different industries that can benefit from renting uniforms. Prudential Supply Company also works with you to ensure that your company or business has company specific  uniforms. That means, if you have a company logo that would work well on a shirt or apron, you can order uniforms for your business with that very logo on them. Prudential Overall Supply company also has top-of-the-line customer service that can help you fulfill your uniform orders.

Prudential Overall Supply company offers a price guarantee on all of your rental items, for one year! This helps businesses ensure that they can feel confident in their uniform selection.