Dress for Success in the Office

Work clothes generally consist of whatever employees wear to work on any given day. Many companies have strict dress codes to keep their employees looking their best. The reasons for enacting dress codes are as vast as the choices companies have to include in their policy. When drafting a policy, employers should consider allowing some leeway, so that employees feel like they have a lot of freedom to choose an outfit to wear to work.

Women’s Office Fashion

Women’s office fashions are some of the most diverse styles. Women can wear dresses to work, though many companies discourage it, depending on the setting. If dresses are allowed, styles range from a solid color, to print, to color block designs. The dresses can be paired with different accessories, such as blazers and belts.

Women’s tops come in many different styles, including short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, button-up, and more. Shirts usually have a contemporary look, which fits well in most office dress codes. The most common tops are button-up blouses, which come in both long and short sleeves. These blouses can come in almost any color, but white is very common to see. Women also commonly wear blazers over their blouses.

Skirts and pants are common bottoms that women wear in the office. A-line skirts are one of the most popular styles that they wear. These skirts are knee-length and hug the hips and thighs. It is a classic look that has been common in offices for decades. Women were once banned from wearing pants in the workplace. However, times have changed. Women commonly wear dress pants in the office, and these pants range in color from bright colors to gray and black.

Men’s Office Fashion

Men’s fashion in the office has not changed much in the past couple of decades. Suits are very common. Suits consist of dress pants, a collared shirt, a blazer, and tie. The pants and blazer usually match and come in a variety of colors, but blacks and grays are most common. The collared shirts underneath come in every color of the rainbow. Ties also come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns.

Casual office wear consists of polo shirts and slacks. Polo shirts are collared shirts that you can pull over your head. They are comfortable and come in many different colors. Some have one pocket on the chest, and others do not. Slacks are pants that are just a step down from dress pants. They come in colors such as khaki, gray, navy, and black. Sometimes companies allow cargo pants, which come in many different shades. Companies have the option of limiting the colors that their employees wear.

In the office, it’s a requirement to look professional. When most of the employees look the part, they usually act it, too. This means that they are more likely to be engaged when everyone follows a uniform policy. Companies have the choice of allowing employees to supply their uniforms, supplying the uniforms themselves, or hiring a uniform service.

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Dress for Success in the Office