Facility Services: Prudential Overall Solutions

Prudential’s facility service solutions offer comprehensive solutions for any facility needs. “Facilities” means areas of a business that need to be cleaned (and cleaned properly) very often. Prudential Overall Supply Company offers many different products (versatile for a variety of facilities), such as janitorial supplies, matting, and systems to ensure that employees and customers are safe when walking in a potentially slippery area; as well as storage lockers, so that your employees can keep their belongings safe while on the clock.

Prudential has made a name for themselves in the business of supplying other businesses with quality products for over 75 years. Prudential’s work apparel and work uniforms help make businesses appear as professional as they are, and Prudential’s facility services help ensure that all aspects of your business look clean, neat and organized.

In the service industry, or the restaurant business, restaurant napkins and the quality of them are a big concern when it comes to a restaurant reputation. A napkin might not be something that you actively consider at a restaurant, but if it is dirty or of substandard quality, you will take note. The alternative is that of paper napkins; not only do paper napkins provide more waste, but they don’t look as professional as a cloth napkin.

The service industry and the restaurant industry are two non-industrial settings for which Prudential provides products, and these products include linen napkins. Prudential can launder these linen napkins and replace ones that they cannot properly clean. That way, each guest feels like there is a fresh, soft, luxurious experience with their napkin, which reflects well on the restaurant.