Prudential Overall Supply: A Member of the Clean Green Movement

Prudential Overall Supply Company also takes pride in the fact that they are a green company.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an internationally recognized organization that recognizes through a peer review and public process  standards and practices, one of which is TRSA’s Clean Green certification program’s best management practices for  sustainable laundry services.

The ASTM is known for their rigorous review and approval  process. For  months, the TRSA Clean Green certification program which includes Prudential Overall Supply Company as one of the companies that received its company-wide certification  were reviewed  by the ASTM, and at the end, they concluded that the business practices employed by companies like Prudential Overall Supply  are in accordance with clean green best management practices. Prudential works to minimize their carbon footprint and practice sustainable green management practices.

Within Canada and the United States, there are only 37 companies (with a total of 78 laundry facilities) that have received this clean green certification to date.  Laundry facilities can be incredibly wasteful, if they are not managed properly. Certifying a facility means that they do not waste water or energy when it comes to washing the work clothes that they clean and supply.

Prudential’s ability to stand out as a leader and innovator in the Clean Green movement mirrors their long-standing ability to be innovators in their field, as in their developing a unique work uniform/uniform service company business model that has set the industry standard.

Prudential Overall Supply Company has even worked with NASA to develop cutting-edge garments. They were one of the first companies to develop dust-free, contaminate-free clean room garments that were used by NASA in 1962 during a mission to orbit the earth.  This level of innovation has helped Prudential grow as a company and thrive, almost a century after they were established.

Prudential Overall Supply: A Member of the Clean Green Movement