Prudential Overall Supply – Facility Services

When running a business, it is important to ensure that your workspace be organized. Maintaining restroom supplies helps keep employees happy and healthy. It can also help keep customers and products safe.

Providing employees with work apparel helps to keep your business looking professional, and ensures that employees show up looking sharp and ready for work.

If you do provide your employees with uniforms, renting them can be a great solution to cut down on costs, without sacrificing style.

Prudential Overall Supply Company helped to revolution the work apparel industry, by renting uniforms to their clients. While it was costly to Prudential Overall Supply Company at first (they were required to buy the uniforms before they could rent them out to local businesses) it helped them revolutionize the industry. It also helped them build great customer relations, because, after all, they were putting the customer first.

Prudential laundry services make cleaning and maintaining uniforms a breeze. They sell supplies (like laundry bags and scissor racks) that make soiled uniform pick up organized and easy. The representative will count the number of items at pick-up and ensure that these numbers match, when the clean uniforms are delivered, later on.

Prudential not only offers uniforms (to be either purchased or rented), but they also sell supplies for your business, like storage lockers for your employees.

For most any business, having a separate storage area for your employees to store their belongings helps to keep the workspace organized and helps employees feel well cared for. Providing a safe place for their items while they are at work gives them one less thing to worry about.

Prudential Overall Supply – Facility Services