The Clean Green Laundry Process of Prudential Overall Supply

When choosing between different uniform companies to service your business with much-needed uniforms, you compare the prices, quality, customer service, and other similar factors. You look at what each company offers, and then you determine if it fits your needs and your budget. One key area in which Prudential Overall Supply differs from others is the area of green cleaning. The protection of the environment and its conservation are Prudential’s priorities, which is where our clean green laundry process comes into the picture.

Prudential Overall Supply is a TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association) Clean Green Certified laundry provider. So, what does it mean to be Clean Green Certified? It means that we take advantage of reusable textiles, instead of disposable options. Reusing textiles results in less waste filling up the landfills. It also means that the cleaning process necessary for sanitizing our reusable textiles utilizes less water and less energy, resulting in an efficient, “green” cleaning process.

A closer look at our clean green laundry process reveals various factors, including:

Recovering heat from different points of the laundering process and reusing it, such as the heat from drained hot water
Reusing drained water
Routing our delivery trucks in a specific manner to find the most fuel-efficient routes
Using only detergents that are deemed friendly to the environment
Utilizing lighting that is energy-efficient
Various recycling programs

If green living is something that is important to your heart, Prudential Overall Supply is the place to go. Our utilization of water-saving tactics results in consuming 1/3 less than the water you might use if you were washing uniforms at home. Yet, even though we use less water than other laundering methods, the results are just as clean and sanitized as any of our competitors. So, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in favor of green cleaning — you just have to choose the right uniform company.

When it comes to conserving energy, our clean green process uses about 50% of the energy used in at-home washing. We are able to maximize our energy savings by focusing on different cleaning techniques, such as lower water temperatures and shorter cleaning cycles. However, just because the temperature might be lower and the cycle might be shorter, it does not mean that the uniforms are not properly cleaned. On the contrary, our laundering techniques are designed to work the best with these types of parameters, resulting in only the highest quality results.

The reuse of textiles results in much less waste compared to disposable options. By utilizing our reusable textiles, you can impact the amount of waste filling our landfills. Every little bit helps protect our environment, and protecting the environment is important to Prudential Overall Supply — and it is sure to be important to you, too.

Contact us today to learn more about our clean green laundering process. Discover for yourself how much our services can save energy and water while protecting the environment. If you are looking for a greener option for your uniform needs, look no further — Prudential Overall Supply is the green provider you need.

The Clean Green Laundry Process of Prudential Overall Supply