Press Releases

Prudential Overall Supply‘s press releases are intended to help educate our customers with Company information and current industry trends related to uniforms and textile rental programs for uniform rental, uniform lease, uniform purchase, cleanroom services, restroom product solutions, and reusable floor mats, towels and mops.



Everything is a Uniform!

Recently, Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) graduate program in museum studies curated an exhibit on what people wear to work– “Work in Uniform: Dressed for Detail.” A historical look at uniforms, the exhibit explored who wears them and why, what uniforms used to look like compared to what they look like now, and how they have shaped and continue to...


Uniforms Provide A Selling Advantage

What employees wear to work helps make the sale. When choosing a company from whom to buy, both consumers and business-to-business buyers preferred to use companies who had uniformed employees to those who did not, according to a comprehensive study conducted for the Uniform and Textile Service Association by JD Power & Associates. The study showed uniform wearing can be...