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Prudential Overall Supply‘s press releases are intended to help educate our customers with Company information and current industry trends related to uniforms and textile rental programs for uniform rental, uniform lease, uniform purchase, cleanroom services, restroom product solutions, and reusable floor mats, towels and mops.



Prudential Overall Supply Partners with VF Imagewear to Offer Customers Online Store Sales

Visit the Prudential Online Store! Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in image apparel, today announced that it has teamed-up with VF Imagewear, one of the world's largest apparel companies, to offer Prudential customers brand recognized apparel through, the Company's new online storefront. The on-line store features a wide-variety of image apparel choices and brands. Brands include RedKap, E....


Recognitions for Environmental Compliance

Prudential Overall Supply was recognized for excellent environmental stewardship by Los Angeles County. Cerritos, Carson and Los Angeles Facilities - 2004: Letter Certificate Los Angeles Facility - 2005: Letter


Proof Positive of The Industry’s Environmental Impact

Five years in the making (as promised in 1999), LaundryESP, the textile service industry’s voluntary environmental program, has kept its word. We’ve fulfilled our primary goal of expanding industry operators’ continuing commitments to their local environments. We’ve achieved better performance in our use of water, energy, and wash chemicals, and reduced our pollutant discharges. Essentially, the original commitment by UTSA...


Uniforms and Marketing: Your Employees’ Attire Can Help Market Your Lodging Facility

Owners and managers in the hospitality industry are among the most business savvy in understanding that a uniform is an integral part of a marketing program. When planning updates to employee uniform designs, however, both veteran owners and newcomers may wish to consider a variety of factors that impact how effectively a uniform markets an organization. Uniform rental companies provide...


Uniform Choices Impact Safety and Security

If you have ever found it challenging to develop a uniform program that met your company’s requirements, while enabling your employees to work comfortably, you’re not alone. Today, however, uniforms are less constricting, more breathable, and soils are much more easily removed, thanks to a variety of new fabric options available for uniform programs. A uniform program also can be...


The Right Uniform Program Can Help Your Employees and Customers Feel and Be Safer

When your new janitorial crew appeared to clean a customer’s building, the security manager called to ask whether the workers were really from your company. “We’ve never seen these people before,” he said. “I know it’s normal to experience turnover in the jobs they have, but we need to be sure about anyone we’re sending into our offices.” The Uniform...


National Account Service Now Available Through Apparel Service Network

Irvine, CA - Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in image apparel, today announced that it has finalized a joint venture agreement with the Apparel Services Network (ASN). Prudential customers can now benefit from the multitude of products and services offered through its ASN venture. ASN’s vision is to be the premier provider of uniform and textile services to businesses...


Prudential Overall Supply Opens El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM Market

Irvine, CA - Prudential Overall Supply celebrates the opening of its El Paso, TX service center that will provide uniform rental and ancillary supply services to the greater El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM market centers. These businesses can now maximize their company’s branding, image and employee morale and productivity utilizing corporate image apparel programs outfitted by Prudential Overall...