Press Releases

Prudential Overall Supply‘s press releases are intended to help educate our customers with Company information and current industry trends related to uniforms and textile rental programs for uniform rental, uniform lease, uniform purchase, cleanroom services, restroom product solutions, and reusable floor mats, towels and mops.



PCS Awarded Certificate of Excellence by the Clean Water Services Authority in Hillsboro Oregon

Prudential Cleanroom Services, a world leader in cleanroom laundry service systems, today announced the Company has received the Clean Water Services Certificate of Excellence award for meeting the sanitary industrial criteria of Tier II Award Status in 2014. Prudential’s Hillsboro, OR cleanroom laundry processing facility went the entire year without a violation that includes exceeding purchased flow capacity, late reports,...


Prudential Overall Supply Joins the Richard Childress Racing Team

Prudential Overall Supply, a leading company in the reusable textile industry, partners with Richard Childress Racing and Ty Dillon for the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity race on March 7, 2015 in Las Vegas. Prudential Overall Supply is a longtime customer of VF Imagewear, a qualified textile company specializing in business apparel and uniforms. VF Imagewear has been rewarding its most devoted...


POS Contributes to Environmental Business Strategies Summit

Summit: 'Green' Biz Strategies Environmentally friendly business practices were on the agenda at TRSA’s Green/Sustainability Summit on Dec. 2-3, 2014, in Tampa, FL. The summit featured several informative presentations and panel discussions to help launderers shrink their carbon footprint. TRSA Chair Doug Waldman kicked off the Dec. 3 agenda with a welcome to attendees at the host hotel, the Embassy...


Prudential Cleanroom Services Advantage Video – Shows Each Step of the Service Cycle

Prudential Cleanroom Services, a world leader in cleanroom laundry service systems, today announced the Company has released a video that shows each step of its cleanroom laundry service process. Jerry Martin, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Prudential states, "this video brings our best-in-class ISO 9001:2008 certified processing capabilities to our customers. The video identifies each step in our process...


Prudential Overall Supply Releases 2014 Customer Satisfaction Score

Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in reusable image work apparel and related textiles, today announced its 2014 customer satisfaction index (CSI) score. The score is measured through the Company’s Customer Visitation (CV) process. The CV occurs with a face to face meeting with each reviewed customer. The CV rates each customer service touch-point. Prudential’s Chairman of the Board, Dan...