Cleanroom Supplies: Helping to Expand Your Business

Cleanroom Supplies: Helping to Expand Your Business

Clean room supplies are important for a variety of different innovative industries. Mainly, the biomedical and biochemical industries need to use clean rooms, and clean room supplies and garments, to ensure that all of the elements (and, specifically, the number of contaminants) are being controlled in these critical  environments.

Since 1960, Prudential Overall Supply Company has been providing businesses with  clean room garments and supplies. Prudential has been in the business of uniform and company supplies for over 75 years. Making sure that your business has  clean room supplies helps to ensure that the elements being explored and the experiments conducted in clean rooms are contaminant free.

Clean room garments are particularly important when it comes to clean room work. It is important that these garments remain sterile when required. Prudential Overall Supply Company has the proper laundering facilities to ensure that these garments are cleaned to the industry standards, and that each time they are used they are clean.

Prudential tracks the number of times that a clean room garment has been cleaned.  Having resources to help your clean room business run smoothly and efficiently helps to save your company time and money.

The type of research that is being conducted will influence what type of clean room apparel you and your employees will need. Prudential offers a variety of clean room garments and accessories to ensure that the number of contaminants entering a clean room is kept to a minimum.