Cleanroom Supplies – High Quality Products Essential for Safe Workspace

Uniforms are an integral part of many different industries, and while most people associate uniforms with wait staff and chefs at a restaurant, or with a police officer, there are certain industries that need uniforms to not just look a certain way, but also to keep certain airborne elements  out. These industries are known as cleanroom industries, and the proper uniform and uniform supplier help ensure that these industries are as safe as possible.

If you run a business that requires cleanroom supplies or cleanroom garments, it is important that your uniform supplier understands you, your company and your employees’ needs. Prudential Overall Supply company offers cleanroom suits like the HD ESD sterile and non-sterile suit, which is great for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, hospitals, and agricultural industries. This Prudential Overall Supply cleanroom garment has received a high rating in all of these categories.

Prudential Overall Supply also offers other work uniforms fit for cleanrooms, which allow for more flexibility, like the innerwear micro denier. This uniform comes in two different pieces and can  be paired with taffeta shoe and hair coverings to ensure that the environment remains as clean  as possible. It is made with contamination-control fabrics, to limit the levels of cross contaminations.

In addition, this particular cleanroom suit is made with sustainable materials, which means that it is better for the environment and costs less money to make. Prudential Overall Supply is able to pass these savings along to their customers without sacrificing quality.