Why Small Business Owners Should Be Using Social Media

Social media can be a valuable marketing tool for small business owners to use when they are looking for an effective method to grow their business. Whether you have an online-only business or a brick-and-mortar operation, there are several benefits you can gain when you implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Is Free to Use

There is no cost associated with setting up and creating social media profiles on the various social media platforms. Not to mention, since there is no cost to market on social media, it frees up your marketing budget to use on other types of marketing.

It is a good idea to pick two or three social media sites and focus on those rather than attempting to have a profile on all social media apps. This allows you to experiment with different social media sites to help you determine which platforms help you gain the most exposure and followers. If one site is not getting the traffic you want, then try a different one.

Increases Exposure for Your Products or Services

picture of cell phone with social media icons displayed

Social media allows you to feature and showcase your various products and services. You can use pictures and videos to share details of interest to your customers. You can even use your preferred social media sites for special announcements, new product releases, sales events, and other news.

Easier to Be Found in Local Searches

Social media helps make it easier for people to find your business locally when using search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engines now give a priority in search results to local searches when a specific location or city is included in the search string.

Best of all, you do not need a website for your small business to show up in search results. You just need a social media presence. Just make sure to post to each site a few times a week.

Improves Customer Interactions and Experiences

Not only can you see responses from your customers but you can also learn more about what they like or do not like about your products or services. If you receive any negative feedback, this is an opportunity to address the issue. This shows others you care about your customers. However, for complex matters, it is best to take it offline and deal directly with the customer.

You can also take advantage of polling features available on some social media apps. You can ask a general question with different responses. Polling helps you gain even more insight into your customers’ needs and wants.

Improves and Increases the Presence of Your Brand

Beautiful Woman looking at smartphone with a social media sketch

Your social media presence also helps gain more exposure for your brand. The number of likes and shares of posts by just a small number of customers can help generate new leads and conversions. Their positive experiences further help establish your brand.

Improves Website Traffic

If you also have a business website, using social media will encourage people to click-through and visit your website. The more website traffic you generate, the more it gives you chances to convert people into new customers.

Implementing a social media marketing strategy provides many benefits for small business owners. You will see your business start to grow the sooner you start using social media to reach your customers.

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